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The perfect blend to cup!


At Time & Beef we take coffee seriously, but not too much in a geeky scientific way.

We work closely with our hand-picked artisan suppliers, who are the real scientist’s to bring you the most exciting flavours, rotating every month. They live and breathe coffee! Coffee scientists we salute you!

Our passion for quality coffee wouldn’t be complete without our fully trained baristas pulling our shots every day making sure the beans are ground perfectly & extracted to perfection.

Espresso - Time and Beef


Coffee grows between 25 degrees North and South of the equator, or the tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. Approximately 70 Countries fall within the bean belt. There are two types of coffee beans, meet Arabica & Robusta!

Arabica has less caffeine than Robusta and is more prone to disease. You may not know that 65% of the worlds coffee production is Arabica. Robusta on the other hand is predominantly used in espresso blends.

We are proud to have bought blends from the following suppliers:

Welsh Coffee Company
Has Bean Coffee
Square Mile Coffee Roasters


  • A single shot of coffee perfectly extracted to bring you a balance of bitterness and sweet in the taste with a rich golden crema which seals the coffee perfectly.

  • Macchiato means marked in Italian & is a short espresso based drink full & rich in flavour topped with smooth milk bring a perfectly balanced strong, smooth taste.

  • Espresso topped with hot water to lengthen. It is the closest to filtered coffee however has a more deep coffee flavour.

  • A milky coffee. Smooth & silky texture with a less intense coffee taste.

  • A frothy coffee that is stronger in taste than a latte. 1/3 coffee. 1/3 steamed milk. 1/3 foamed milk.

  • This is our favourite way to drink coffee at Time & Beef. We can grab this one on the go and drink it in no time, giving us the boost we need quickly. With a perfect balance between coffee & steamed milk.

  • Can’t decide between a coffee or a hot chocolate? A mocha is the one for you! Perfectly balanced chocolate with coffee, topped with silky smooth milk. (Some like it with cream)

  • Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, & Gingerbread? Is yours a Skinny? Decaf? We’ll make it just the way you like it! All syrups are 60p.